At Hefter, Leshem, Margolis (HLM) Capital Management Group, we help affluent individuals and families preserve and grow their wealth prudently. HLM financial advisors are regularly ranked among the country’s best.

The HLM team combines extensive financial knowledge, the ability to invest anywhere and anytime we see opportunity, and the highest-quality support team to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our approach emphasizes constructing a custom-tailored investment plan for you with your unique investment, tax, and legacy objectives at its core.

By electing to work with a limited number of clients, we are able to devote our full attention to you and your family.

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Pursuing opportunities wherever they lie

Built into our team’s DNA is the idea that investing success comes from combining fast, decisive action with patience and a long-term perspective.

At HLM, we combine these insights as we invest tactically, taking advantage of temporary opportunities in the marketplace that other, less-proactive investors might overlook. We’re actively involved in every investment decision affecting your portfolio, and we constantly refine our approach based on changing market conditions.

We are always monitoring and analyzing financial markets, shifting among asset classes, geographical regions, and market sectors we believe are best positioned at any given time. When making portfolio shifts, we are always mindful of your unique financial goals.

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Perspective for continued success

All four HLM senior partners are former traders on Chicago's exchange floors, where we developed a healthy respect for the risks and rewards of extreme market conditions. We have repeatedly helped our clients successfully weather challenging market environments and keep them on track toward realizing their objectives.

Investing can be stressful at times, and emotion often leads to poor decision making. It’s our job to reduce the stress and emotion you might feel when markets are volatile and help you make the difficult decisions that best promote your continued financial success.

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Access to leading investment managers

We are constantly assessing where the best opportunities may lie in the global marketplace. Once we have determined which asset types, sectors, and regions to favor, we invest with the best portfolio managers in each market niche, relying on their specific expertise to maximize performance.

Our due diligence process includes meeting with portfolio managers and their representatives approximately 250 times per year to vet their capabilities and discuss their broad outlook for the global economy and their specific niches.

Because of the reputation and size of our team, we have extensive access to the world’s most highly regarded portfolio managers and their funds.

FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals
FINRA’s BrokerCheck Obtain more information about our firm and its financial professionals